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Unleash your creativity and explore our latest Fusion Mineral Paint projects

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Discover the transformative power of Fusion Mineral Paint with The Posh Pearl's latest projects.

Paint Colour: Homestead Blue

As one of our most iconic shades, Homestead Blue has stood the test of time. A complex blue with a hint of grey and an undertone of teal, it adds charm and confidence.

Stain Colour: Cappuccino

Rich and deep, this stunning brown brings warmth and depth for a deep brown finish.


Paint Colour: Everett

An aged and weathered olive green with subtle bronze undertones. This complicated colour is earthy, tranquil and grounding.

Tough Coat: Matte

Perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as tabletops. Easy to apply using a sponge for a smooth application adding extra durability and increased sheen to your painted pieces.


Paint Colour: Chateau

A grounding neutral inspired by enchanting castle walls. This shade reflects light beautifully and creates an instant feeling of cozy sophistication.

Stain Colour: Ebony

Deep dark and rich as night!

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